Thursday, July 31, 2008

A day at the waterpark

Today we took the boys to the beach town of Wildwood and we went to two waterparks right on the boardwalk.

Before we tackled the waterslides, we had our first taste of east coast pizza. The pies are huge and the crust is soft and puffy.

Casey eating a slice

Believe it or not, this slice is probably 6 inches wide

The waterparks both looked very similar and had pretty good rides, including a slide that dropped you ten feet into the pool. We all did that one. There was also rope swing, and both parks had a very cool slide that many people could go down at once. The boys really loved that one.

Slippery steps lead to the slide

You can see the beach in the background of the park

Dan and the boys

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Well we've started our summer vacation. We're visiting my parents in southern New Jersey and plan to take a side trip to Washington, D.C. so the boys can see some of the sites there.

Crossing the bridge from Pennsylvania into New Jersey

This trip will largely be about food. There's a lot of things we just can't get in Kansas--cheesesteaks, authentic diner food, Italian ice and fresh seafood, just to name a few.

Once we left the Philadelphia airport and started toward my mom's, we decided to stop for a late lunch at a diner on the way. The menu was huge--it was almost impossible for Dan and I to choose. I ended up selecting a crab cake sandwich and Dan went for a reuben. We also splurged and shared rice pudding for dessert.

Today's lunch stop

Once we got to my mom's, we rested after our long morning and afternoon--our flight left at 6:30 this morning. Mom made us spaghetti with Dad's famous sauce for dinner. The kids really loved it.

Brett preparing to chow down

After dinner, we went to our local shopping mall, another favorite pasttime of mine and Dan's while we're on vacation. On the way home we stopped at Rita's for some Italian water ice. I had coconut cream, Dan had cherry, Brett got key lime pie and Casey had watermelon.

With all this eating we'd better do some serious walking or we'll be in big trouble!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Pool party

Sunday afternoon, we celebrated the end of the baseball season with a team pool party. There were lots of boys in the pool and they all enjoyed jumping off the diving board and trying the make the biggest splash.

Dan and the other coaches were the biggest kids of all.

Carson, Scott, Casey and Josh in a boat

Coach Mike making a splash

Dan's turn

Casey and Josh

Brett getting his medal

One final team photo


On Saturday, Casey met two of his classmates for a playdate at Riverside Park. He, Nathan and Kole had lots of fun climbing the play structure and sharing a snack. It was hot, but they had lots of fun.




The three Muskateers


The baseball season has come to an end. Brett's team did really well, outscoring all their opponents by about 2-1.

Casey even enjoyed the games--one of his classmates, Ashlynn, had a brother who played on Brett's team. Casey and Ashlynn had lots of fun together during the games. They're actually a pretty cute couple, only don't tell Casey that.

Brett at bat

Brett scoring

Ashlynn and Casey

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fourth of July

We spent the Fourth of July at the Avery's house with their family and our neighbors, the Donaldsons and the Carvers.

There were lots of kids and fireworks and a great grilled chicken dinner courtesy of Mike and his grill.

Mike and his chicken

Dan and the Avery's dog, Bella

The boys chow down

Fun with a smoke bomb

Julie, Ford and Missy

Brett and his sparkler

Casey lighting his punk

Later the fun moved inside where the guys celebrated the Fourth with shots of lime juice and Southern Comfort. Yum! (Not!)

Bartender Mike

Down the hatch

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Today I turned 38, which sounded older when I wasn't talking about me. Oh, well, I'm not getting older, I'm getting better, right?

My co-worker Melissa planned a birthday lunch for me and a few friends. We met at Kwan Court on the east side of town.

I got a pretty earring and necklace set from
Jeff, Kathryn and Lauryn

My friends Janette and Chris got me
a box of green apple-flavored candy.

Melissa got me a gift certificate from
Jimmy John's sandwich shop, one
of my favorite places to eat

Later in the day, our office had a small party. Each person has a "birthday buddy" who is responsible for buying a birthday card for everyone to sign and they also bring birthday treats. This year, my buddy is Dan, our Marketing manager. He got me a great hazelnut chocolate cake from Bagatelle Bakery.

My birthday cake

What a great day!